Razorcake Podcast #490 with Garrett Barnwell

Oct 27, 2017

Razorcake Podcast #490 with Garrett Barnwell

Here I sit, summer quickly turning to fall. Is this year flying by or what? The good news is only three point something years left with the orange goblin. Is this some coded conversation in regards to cover version of The Fall’s “City Hobgoblins” appearing in this podcast? Oh dearest listener, I’m not that clever, am I? For your pleasure, I present to you another miasma of audio truths and leave you with the question: What’s your spirit vegetable? Let me know at: [email protected]


Worthwhile Way, "Momiji" (No Idea)
- - -
Angst, "Neil Armstrong" (Happy Squid)
Paul Leary, "Apollo One" (Rough Trade)
Morbid Opera, "War Dream" (Vinyl Rites)
Mika Miko, "Attitude" (PPM)
Cavemen, "Death Row" (Slovenly)
Brutal Knights, "You're Fired, I Quit" (Deranged)
- - -
Zero Boys, "Livin in the ‘80s" (Panic Button)
Los Crudos, "Ilegal y Que?" (Maximumrocknroll)
PIL, "Lou Reed Pt. 2" (Self-released)
White Murder, "Party Crashing" (Recess / Razorcake)
The Falcon, "Little Triggers" (Red Scare)
- - -
The Gusto, "The Plot" (Mollusk)
Domestics, "City Hobgoblins" (TNS)
Nothington, "The Last Time" (Red Scare)
Stubborn All Stars, "Lose This Skin" (Chord)
Star Fucking Hipsters, "Until We're Dead" (Fat)
- - -
Negativland, "Time Zone" (SST)