Razorcake Podcast #488 with Juan Espinosa

Oct 20, 2017

Razorcake Podcast #488 with Juan Espinosa

Photo by Juan. Spazz, 924 Gilman, December 2000

Hello and welcome faithful Razorcake podcast listeners!

This time I came up with a theme for a podcast highlighting the years from the turn of the century up until our current year (2017) and featuring a song from a record that really struck a chord with me in that respective year.

Through the good, bad, and weird times (remember Y2K?) during the last 17 years music has always been there to comfort me: so many good bands, shows, and records during that span and the memories they bring to this date still bring a smile to my face.

It sure wasn’t easy picking just one song and record. This isn’t meant to be a definitive guide of essential listening through the years: just one punk’s perspective. Looking back, it is kinda funny to see how my tastes in DIY punk have changed throughout the years (I used to hate post-punk and now I listen to more of that than thrash or power-violence: go figure.)

For the record I started going to punk and metal shows as early as 1996 and started collecting records that same year (NOFX: Fuck The Kids 7” being one of my earliest acquisitions) but not quite as seriously as in Y2K and beyond so those earlier years were omitted from my timeline because they were during the mostly CD era for me. Not to mention that you really don’t want (or deserve) to hear any nü-metal, ska-punk, or any other crap that hasn’t aged too well. Hope you enjoy!


Spazz, “Typical Hardcore Song #1” Split with 25 Ta Life 7” (Edison, 2000)
- - -
E150, “Impunidad”, “Diferencia” Split with Zanussi 7” (La Vida Es Un Mus / Don’t Belong, Cruda Realidad, 2001)
Life’s Halt, “Los Olvidados” Various: Histeria LP (Lengua Armada, 2002)
Career Suicide, “Look the Other Way” Self-titled LP (Ugly Pop, 2003)
Gorilla Angreb, “Der Skal Drikkes Mere End For” Self-titled 7” (Kick N Punch, 2004)
- - -
Formaldehyde Junkies, “Road Hazard” Self-titled 7” (Firestarter / Underestimated, 2005)
Marked Men, “A Little Time” Fix My Head LP (Swami, 2006)
Iron Lung, “Pressure” Sexless, No Sex LP (Prank, 2007)
Eddy Current Suppression Ring, “Which Way to Go” Primary Colours LP (Goner, 2008)
- - -
Cult Ritual, “Holidays” Self-titled LP (Youth Attack, 2009)
Masshysteri, “Valkommen Till Verkligheten” Self-titled LP (Feral Ward, 2010)
Total Control, “Retiree” Henge Beat LP (Iron Lung, 2011)
Belgrado, “Vicious Circle” Panopticon 7” (La Vida Es Un Mus, 2012)
- - -
Rough Kids, “Bloody (I Wanna See You)” The State I’m In LP (Sorry State, 2013)
Big Crux, “Lamento Demente” Ponchito LP (Not Normal / Big Crux, 2014)
C.C.T.V., “Anxiety” Self-titled 7” (Lumpy, 2015)
Uranium Club, “Small Fry” Who Made the Man? 7” (Lumpy, 2016)
- - -
Daudyflin, “Ofbeldi” Ofbeldi LP (Iron Lung, 2017)
Limp Wrist, “They Tell Me” Facades LP (Lengua Armada, 2017)