Razorcake Podcast #484 with Bryan Static

Oct 06, 2017

Razorcake Podcast #484 with Bryan Static

100 issues!

That’s a lot of magazine! This is a podcast celebrating every* band ever featured on the cover of Razorcake and then some. Originally this was going to be every band ever interviewed, but a few weeks into putting this monster together proved that would not be feasible. So, here we are. 6+ hours of podcast, showing the huge net that Razorcake has cast. I hope you enjoy.

This was podcast was a huge effort, and if I made any mistakes in this 6+ hour magnum opus mixtape, I apologize.

-Bryan Static
[email protected]

*Okay, okay, I couldn’t find any music for the Warriors, but close enough. Also, I didn’t know who would be in issue 100, so this podcast stops on issue 99.

Part II
26. This is My Fist, “I’m Not Even Trying” (No Idea)
a. Fucked Up, “Carried Out to The Sea” (Deranged)
b. Chinese Telephones, “This Time Next Year” (It’s Alive)
- - -
27. Observers, “What a Waste” (Vinyl Warning)
a. This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb, “The Argument” (No Idea)
28. Against Me, “What We Worked For” (Sabot)
29. Alicja Trout / Lost Sounds, “And You Dance?” (In The Red)
a. Paint It Black, “We Will Not” (Rivalry)
30. Bent Outta Shape, “Greyhound Bus” (Recess)
31. Regulations, “In 1945” (Havoc)
32. The Bananas, “Miracle Cure” (Recess)
33. Gorilla Angreb, “Der Skal Drikkes Mere End For” (Feral Ward)
34. Swing Ding Amigos, “Sweet Pill” (Recess)
a. Teenage Bottlerocket, “Crawling Back to You” (Fat Wreck Chords)
35. Blöödhag, “Iain M. Banks” (Alternative Tentacles)
36. Off With Their Heads, “Nightlife” (Epitaph)
37. The Brat, “Starry Night” (Fatima)
a. Abi Yo Yos, “Moving To Colma” (Big Raccoon)
- - -
38. Radon, “Science Fiction” (No Idea)
39. The Measure [SA], “No Regrets” (No Idea)
a. The Copyrights, “Out of Ideas” (Red Scare)
40. Dan Padilla, “Never Learned Algebra” (Dirt Cult)
41. Future Virgins, “Broken Down” (Let’s Pretend)
42. Tranzmitors, “Teenage Tragedy” (Deranged)
43. Reigning Sound, “Stormy Weather” (In The Red)
44. Potential Johns, “Please Believe” (Art Of The Underground)
a. Statues, “Reflux” (Deranged)
45. Leatherface, “Springtime” (Roughneck)
46. Killer Dreamer, “Gorgomoth” (Razorcake)
a. Dead To Me, “Goodbye Regret” (Fat Wreck Chords)
47. Sass Dragons, “Screaming” (Let’s Pretend)
a. Hex Dispensers, “Hateface” (Alien Snatch)
- - -
48. Shang-A-Lang, “Sick of Pretending” (Facepalm)
49. Shark Pants, “Fitty Bup” (Recess)
50. Tiltwheel, “Teach Your Children Hell” (ADD)
a. Shellshag, “Resilient Bastard” (Starcleaner)
b. Banner Pilot, “Alchemy” (Fat Wreck Chords)