Razorcake Podcast #482 with Michael T. Fournier

Sep 29, 2017

Razorcake Podcast #482 with Michael T. Fournier

Fall, minus pumpkin spice.

As much as the summer and its adventures were great, there’s something to be said, too, for fall in New England, calm, for routine. Returning to exercising in earnest, reading, writing – and seeking out new music to mix in with the old reliables. Dig it!

Mike F.

Whip Hands, “Heavy On The Juice” (self-titled, self-released LP)
Callowhill, “Rubix Cube” (The Way Out LP, Exotic Fever)
Superchunk, “I Got Cut” (I Got Cut/Up Against The Wall, Merge)
Camp Cope, “Lost (Season 1”) (Audiotree Live)
Pile, “Texas” (A Hairshirt of Purpose LP, Exploding in Sound)
- - -
Protomartyr, “My Children” (Relatives In Descent LP, Domino)
Shiner, “Surgery” (The Egg LP, DeSoto)
Exit Order, “Making Good” (Seed of Hysteria LP, Side Two)
Unsane, “Aberration” (Sterilize LP, Southern Lord)
Whore Paint, “Dogs” (Ultra Sound LP, Transition Loss)
- - -
Basement Benders, “First Heat” (Lydiad LP, No Idea)
Career Suicide, “Row On Row” (Machine Response EP, Career Suicide)
Molar, “Javier” (Ring EP, self-released)
Father Figures, “Ego Vs. Ego” (Heavy Lifting LP, Slope Records)
- - -
1.6 Band, “Burning Coal” (The Checkered Pasts Of All Kings Present EP, Metastasis)