Razorcake Podcast #479 with Bianca and Daisy

Sep 15, 2017

Razorcake Podcast #479 with Bianca and Daisy

Bianca and Daisy join Todd at Razorcake HQ to listen to some eclectic tunes and talk about everything from the Olympics to the changing landscape of Los Angeles—mostly off the air, though. Listen anyway!

This podcast was weeks overdue. Sometimes it’s hard to make time to get three busy people in the same room, but it’s always worth the effort when you’re in there, listening to new music, and having a good time even though life in general is a flaming trash fire.

Seabound, “Hooked” (Dependent)
Dirty Beaches, “Lord Knows Best” (Self-released)
- - -
Xina Xurner, “Poppers” (Self-released)
Muff Mommy, “Ape Shit”
Thaiboy Digital & Bladee, “Still in Search of Sunshine” (YEAR0001)
- - -
Robots in Disguise, “Boys” (Recall France/Europe)
Memory Casette, “Surfin’” (Acephale)
The Field Mice, “If You Need Someone” (LTM UK)
- - -
Downtown Boys, “I Am Enough (I Want More),” (Sub Pop)
The Gossip, “Standing in the Way of Control,” (Kill Rock Stars)
T-Rexstasy, “Daylight Lover,” (Miscreant)
- - -
Modpods, “Kill,” (Self-released)
Feels, “Running’s Fun,” (Castleface)

- - -
Oscura Luna, “Nacho Girl” (Self-released)
Bedroom Witch, “Meltdown,” (Self-released)