Razorcake Podcast #476 with Sean Arenas

Sep 05, 2017

Razorcake Podcast #476 with Sean Arenas

(Photo by Shelby Fujioka)

Here are some of my favorite songs from the last few record review cycles. Towards the end of the podcast, Daryl highjacked my playlist (the truth is, I ran out of songs). Get ready for some tear-jerkers intermixed with some crushing powerviolence (or is it fastcore?). A friendly tip: don’t be basic and limit yourself to only one type of punk.

–Sean Arenas

Izzy True, “Mr. Romance” (Nope, Don Giovanni)
- - -
Chest Pain, “Primate’s Advantage” (The Primate’s Advantage, Mind Ripper, To Live A Lie, Crucificados)
Gay Kiss, “Habitual Teething” (Rounded Down, Sorry State)
Xetas, “The Tower” (The Tower, 12XU)
Midnight Reruns, “Scorpion” (Spectator Sports, Dusty Medical)
- - -
Burnout, “Liars Dice” (Self-titled 7”, To Live A Live, Blast House)
Songs For Moms, “Leap Now” (Rivers, Rumbletowne)
Magnum Force, “Out of Time” and “Boxed In” (Discography, To Live A Lie, 502 Push-Wait)
Outer Spaces, “Postman” (A Shedding Snake, Don Giovanni)
- - -
Liquids, “I Killed Donald Trump” (Hot Liqs, Hip Kid, Not Normal)
Skip Church, “I’m Having a Good Time” (Out of Tune, In Touch with the Devil, Randy)
Bernays Propaganda, “Životinska farma” (Na To Igrišče Ne Smem, Ill In The Head)
Heavy Pockets, “Circadian Schism” (Mopeless, Dead Broke; Cat Dead Details Later)
- - -
Benni, “More Than Man (Machine Supreme)” (I & II, Goner)