Razorcake Podcast #473 with Kurt Morris

Aug 22, 2017

Razorcake Podcast #473 with Kurt Morris

These are some of the most listened to songs in my music collection according to the play count on my iTunes. (Some caveats: songs had to fall in the independent music category [or be Slayer], couldn’t be over 5 minutes, or have been played before on one of my podcasts. I also wasn’t going to play more than one song by the same artist, so I chose whichever song had the most listens.) I think you’ll notice I generally stick to a lot of aggressive, heavy, and fast music. Much of this is because I need energetic tunes when I exercise. I also have to pump myself up before I go to my part-time job leading historical tours because of my anxiety about speaking in front of people. Ironically, I really enjoy giving tours, but sometimes I need to funnel that nervousness through some intense music in order to harness it for giving a tour. In the end it all works out okay. It’s one more piece of evidence as to the power of music. Thanks music!

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Self-Evident, “Rumors” (Doubleplusgood)
Burning Love, “Karla” (Southern Love)
Slayer, “Unit 731”
- - -
Mutoid Man, “Scrape the Walls” (Magic Bullet)
Punch, “Done” (625 Thrashcore / Discos Huelga / Deathwish)
Dead To Fall, “You’ve Already Died” (Victory)
Nails, “Made to Make You Fall” (Nuclear Blast)
Pig Destroyer, “Jupiter’s Eye” (Relapse)
- - -
Müscle Wörship, “Jesus Vs The Lord” (Self-released)
Propagandhi, “Supporting Caste” (G7 Welcoming Committee / Smallman)
Crusades, “The Torchbearer” (No Idea)
Wugazi, “Another Chessboxin’ Argument” (Doomtree)
Osker, “Contention” (Epitaph)
Leatherface, “Bowl of Flies” (Roughneck)
- - -
Black Flag, “My War” (SST)