Razorcake Podcast #472 with Kayla Greet

Aug 18, 2017

Razorcake Podcast #472 with Kayla Greet

What luck! I got to do a second podcast at Razorcake HQ this year. After my flight to Los Angeles on my birthday in January was delayed by 15 hours, I received a voucher for another trip so I figured why not go back? So I chose America's birthday for my return.

Honestly, I typically put a lot of thought into what I play and the order and transitions and blah, blah, blah. Maybe it's a holdover from those days I made mix tapes for friends as those took meticulous planning to maximize rock. But this time I came unprepared because I was mostly focused on spending quality time with SoCal friends, getting tattoos with Todd and Jennifer, and a surprise encounter with Rev. Norb!

So when Todd proposed a podcast recording, I panicked, but only slightly. Luckily I had a nice long bus ride to meet an old friend in Echo Park so I dusted off ye olde iPod for some echoes of the past, plus a handful of current bands I'm digging.

I ran down memory lane in more ways than one as the LA Metro system took me through neighborhoods I lived in some ten years ago with tunes that accompanied me around that time. Music can fill so many crevices and pot holes in that nostalgic landscape, and in a lot of ways it is a security blanket for me. And just to diversitize this shit, I front loaded a fist full of bands that don't have more than just cis white dudes in their line up even though I love all y'all equally.

And just an FYI, the image I used for this is some graffiti a friend of mine saw spray painted on the wall in Seattle. I had nothing to do with it!


Conniption Fits, “Zero Class” Street Songs (Rockin' Stan)
Discount, “Math Won't Miss You” Crash Diagnostic (New American Dream)
Earth Girls, “Say Goodnight” Wanderlust (Grave Mistake)
Big Eyes, “You Ain't the Only One” Almost Famous (Grave Mistake)
- - -
Accidente, “Yo Misma” Pulso (Vox Populi / No Friends / Exabrupto / Inhumano / Dirt Cult / Sentimientos de Lucha / Chaos Rural)
J Church, “Foreign Films” Open Road: The Allied Years (1992-1997) (No Idea)
The Arrivals, “I Got Bit” Marvels of Industry (Recess)
Jay Reatard, “My Shadow” Blood Visions (In The Red)
Treasure Fleet, “Settle Your Mind” Sun Machine (Original Soundtrack) (Recess)
- - -
Juicy Karkass, “Smash the State” Yes Sir, I’m Ill (Selfish Satan)