Razorcake Podcast #471 with Mike Fournier

Aug 15, 2017

Razorcake Podcast #471 with Mike Fournier

Quoddy Head Lighthouse and halo, Lubec, ME 7/30/2017

August already, and all the usual syllabus panic. At first I was like “where did the summer go?” before I remembered: the road. Specifically, to Myrtle Beach and Birmingham and Chattanooga and Nashville and Louisville and Detroit and Cleveland and Pittsburgh, to vegan joints in Youngstown and East Haven, to Vegas, to Orono, Lubec. To bookstores, shows, basements, spare rooms, porches, and, of course, record stores. Connecting and reconnecting. Keep grinding!

Mike F.

Ketman, “Hideout From The Sun” (El Toro, Lifted & Gifted)
Limp Wrist, “Don’t Want To” (Facades, La Vida En Mus)
Dogs, “Slash Your Face” (Self-titled 7” reissue, Almost Ready)
Y Pants, “Love’s A Disease” (Beat It Down reissue, Water Wings)
SIDA, “Subject = Awesome” (Self-titled, Population)
- - -
Coastwest Unrest, “EPA (Edward Paul Abbey)” (The Crazed Ones, Reclaim)
Needles//Pins, “Boil” (Good Night Tomorrow, Mint / Dirt Cult)
Uncle Spudd, “Moxie Is Better Than Coca-Cola” (Spudd Light, Self-released)
El Banda, “Gwaltglosy” (Wscieklyszpaler 7”, Pasazar / Self-released)
Ipps, “Everything Is Real” (Life’s a Mess, Superdream)
- - -
Crooked Bangs, “Baudelaire” (II, Nervous Intent)
Diat, “Nausea” (Positive Energy, Iron Lung)
Beartrade, “Bibojibs” (Silent Unspeakable, Dead Broke)
Marriage Material, “Left Me Waiting” (demo)
- - -
Worriers, “Future Me” (Single, Side One Dummy)