Razorcake Podcast #469 with Rev. Nørb

Aug 08, 2017

Razorcake Podcast #469 with Rev. Nørb

When last we left our heroes, a vacationing Rev. Nørb had availed himself of Todd Taylor's album collection to slap together enough fodder for a podcast. As is the natural tendency for such things, there were still records left unaired after the first go-round, so our intrepid podcasters regrouped the next day for a sequel. Will the records get screwier as we scrape the bottom of the pile? Will Todd let Nørb ever play that Skrewdriver album? (Spoiler Alert: NO) Please join us for part two of this cross-vinyl conundrum!

-Rev. Nørb

The Crowd, “Melody Hill” (Posh Boy)
- - -
Devil Dogs, “Dance with You Baby” (Crypt)
Reigning Sound, “Your Love is a Fine Thing” (In The Red)
Drakulas, “Masculine Odor” (Stiff Hombre)
Red Cross, “Standing in Front of Poseur” (Posh Boy)
- - -
Motörhead & Girlschool, “Please Don't Touch” (Bronze)
Rough Kids, “We're Multiplying” (Sorry State)
Consumers, “Teen Love Song” (In The Red)
Last Sons Of Krypton, “437-5671” (Certified P.R.)
- - -
Figgs, “Dance Lesson” (HearBox)
Mojomatics, “She Loves” (Ghost)
Loli & the Chones,”I'm A Mess” (Repent)
Plimsouls, “My Life Ain't Easy”
- - -
Giuda, “Fat Boy Boogie” (Burning Heart)
Negative Trend, “I Got Power” & “Mercenaries” (Upsetter)