Razorcake Podcast #468 with Rev. Nørb

Aug 04, 2017

Razorcake Podcast #468 with Rev. Nørb

Spending what I determined would be an idle week of vacationeering in California, sitting contently amidst the mulch and sun of Razorcake HQ's backyard, I was pressed into service to emit a few podcasts. With no vinyl on me – because, let's face it, taking much of anything on planes these days is a real pain – I was forced to use the raw materials at hand: Todd's record collection. Ergo, I rifled thru his vinyl, selecting whatever caught my eye. Would this lead to banal homogeneity? Overplayed standards? Horrible surprises? Final judgment lies in the ear canals of the listener, one supposes, but the universal truism that it's always fun to dig through someone else's record collection has never been universally truer!

- Rev. Nørb

Queen, “Sheer Heart Attack”
- - -
A-Lines, “Four” (Damaged Goods)
Kids, “Baby That's Alright” (the rather well-done bootleg)
Giuda, “Wild Tiger Woman” (Burning Heart)
Blitz, “Vicious” (No Future)
- - -
Alice Cooper, “Clones (We're All)”
Nikki & the Corvettes, “He's a Mover” (Bomp!)
Richard Hell & the Voidoids, “Liars Beware” (Sire)
Neighborhoods, “Mess” (Restless)
- - -
Little Killers, “How Do You Do It?” (Crypt)
Bad Sports, “Terrible Place” (Dirtnap)
Bad Sports, “Why Should I Care?” (Dirtnap)
High Tension Wires, “Backbone” (Dirtnap)
- - -
Minds, “Hot” (Dirtnap)
Figgs, “Cheap Cassettes” (Hearbox)