Razorcake Podcast #466 with Sean Arenas

Jul 28, 2017

Razorcake Podcast #466 with Sean Arenas

(Photo by Shelby Fujioka)

This is my first Razorcake music podcast, and Daryl was kind of enough to lend me an idea: pull records from the Razorcake review bin and play a song (or two) from each. Luckily, I had two buds—John Montoya and Jeff Proctor—sitting in to lend their insights. Coincidently, I ended up being familiar with the Nightmen (who rule) but, aside from them, these songs and bands were a total surprise to me. Although on the shorter side and with far too many breaks (sorry Daryl), there’s enough variety here to warrant at least two listens.

–Sean Arenas

Richie Ramone, “I Fix This” (“I Fix This” b/w “Pretty Poison” 7”, Outro)
- - -
Oxidant, “M.I.P” (Deconstruct EP, To Live a Lie)
Process of Elimination, “Want” (Self-titled EP, Neck Chop)
- - -
Andy The Band, “Where Time Doesn’t Exist” (Carry On 7”, Instigate, Sabotage)
Nightmen, “City of Fun” (Self-titled EP, Rockstar)
- - -
Thisclose, “What Glory?” (What Glory EP, Byllepest)
Mr Godson, “Mr Godson” (Self-titled EP, Self-released)
- - -
Wood Chickens, “Guys in Big Trucks” (Countrycide LP, Big Neck)
Wood Chickens, “King of Siam” (Countrycide LP, Big Neck)
The Ejector Seats, “Clock In/Clock Out” (Everybody Calm Down LP, Collision Course)
- - -
Skemäta, “A Decade of Drone Attacks Over Pakistan” (A Bright Shining Hell LP, Sorry State)