Razorcake Podcast #465 with Garrett Barnwell

Jul 25, 2017

Razorcake Podcast #465 with Garrett Barnwell

Hi! I’m longtime Razorcake contributor Garrett Barnwell, and welcome to my first podcast for Razorcake!

A little background on me – I spent my formative years in Northeast Florida during the ‘80s and ‘90s and was fortunate to have fairly fertile punk scenes at my disposal in Jacksonville and of course Gainesville, though it may not have always seemed that way at the time.

I tried to compile some tracks that hopefully paint a picture of Florida punk without getting hung up on the larger bands from the region. This is of course not intended to be some kind of complete history or anything, just some songs that have (slam) danced in my head over the years.

I hope you enjoy something here and feel free to drop me a line at: [email protected]


Hated Youth, “Fuck Russia” (Burrito)
- - -
The Great Invisibles, “Walk Home” (Invisible Music)
Slumpbuster, “Say It’s Over” (demo)
Panthro U.K. United 13, “Sound of a Gun” (No Idea)
F, “No” (Puke N Vomit)
- - -
Asshole Parade, “Typical Gainesville Clique” (No Idea)
Roach Motel, “Nothing to Lose” (Destroy)
The Creeps, “I Remember” (demo)
Maggot Sandwich, “Social Reject” ( La Republica Libertariano de Florida)
- - -
Anthem Eighty-Eight, “All Inclusive” (No Idea)
Stevie Stiletto & the Switchblades, “Switchblade” (Razor)
Gunmoll, “Gainesville in August” (No Idea)
House On Fire, “A Bomb On The Plane” ( Self-released)
Belching Penguin, “Dead People Can’t Drive” (Burrito)
- - -
Gay Cowboys In Bondage, “Big Fat Baloney Sandwich” (Sublapse)
Gatorface, “Kid in a Candy Store” (Paper + Plastick)
Black Cougar Shock Unit, “Let The Cowgirls Ride” (Newest Industry)
- - -
Hated Youth, “Gainesville Massacre” (Burrito)

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