Razorcake Podcast #464 with Griffin Wynne

Jul 21, 2017

Razorcake Podcast #464 with Griffin Wynne

From the kitchen of Daryl’s house (the Punk Rock Capital of the World), comes the first podcast recorded on my own computer. Sure it took almost a month for me to type up the songs I played and send the MP3 to Daryl, but it was just full moon in Capricorn, and I am feeling PRODUCTIVE. Here’re some songs and some hilarious banter between friends.

As always, all music is by artists who identify as women, womyn, femmes, girls, grrrls, non binary, gender non conforming, transgender, genderqueer, agender, queer, gay, bi, pan, ace, and anything else under the sun that isn’t a group of white straight cis men.

If you struggle to think of an influential punk band that isn't all men, you have work to do. Here's a head start.

Support artists of marginalized identities.

Fuck Donald Trump.


Adult Mom, “Full Screen” (Soft Spots LP, Tiny Engines)
Vagabon, “The Embers” (Infinite Worlds LP, Father Daughter)
- - -
Kevin Abstract, “Tattoo” (American Boyfriend, Brockhampton / EMPIRE)
Neutral Shirt, “Dust On Your Shelf” (2016 Cassette, Lost Sounds)
The Spook School, “Binary” (Try to Be Hopeful, Fortuna POP!)
- - -
Young M.A, “Ooouuu” (Herstory, M.A Music / 3D)
Waxahatchee, “Be Good” (American Weekend, Don Giovanni)
Diet Cig, “Sixteen” (Swear I’m good at This LP, Frenchkiss)
- - -
Alicja-pop, “Love Is…”  (Rats Home Recordings 2009-2013, Certified PR)
Susan (LA), “Somebody New” (Never Enough, Volar)
The Tissues, “Fire” (Self-titled EP, cubicle)
Mia Loucks, “Chicken”  (Sister Honey Demos, Related / Gilgongo)
- - -
URSULA, “cub scout” (demos, self released)
Midnite Snaxxx, “Attitude” (Chew on This, Pelican Pow Wow)
- - -
Krimewatch, “Cock Roach Boy” (Demo 2016 EP, Self-released)