Razorcake Podcast #463 with Kurt Morris

Jul 14, 2017

Razorcake Podcast #463 with Kurt Morris

I’m surprised that I haven’t thought to have a theme of songs from self-titled albums before. And yet, here we are. Hopefully you hear some stuff you enjoy.

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Jawbox, “Mirrorful” (Self-titled, DeSoto)
See Through Dresses, “You Get Sick Again” (Self-titled, Self-released)
All State Champion, “Night and Day” (Self-titled, Five One, Inc.)
- - -
Gorilla Biscuits, “Sitting Around at Home” (Self-titled, Revelation)
City Of Caterpillar, “A Heart Filled Reaction to Dissatisfaction” (Self-titled, Level-Plane)
Lickgoldensky, “Untitled 3” (Self-titled, Level-Plane)
Trainwreck, “Good Bye Bloodsuckers” (Self-titled, Self-released)
Müscle Wörship, “Gone Before Dagon” (Self-titled, Self-released)
Mara’akate, “Shotgun, Not Window” (Self-titled, One Day Savior)
The Now, “She’s Heroin” (Self-titled, Level-Plane)
Engine Down, “And Done” (Self-titled, Lookout!)
Cross My Heart, “Today I Discovered the World” (Self-titled, Deep Elm)
- - -
Embrace, “Last Song” (Self-titled, Dischord)