Razorcake Podcast #460 with Michael Fournier

Jul 04, 2017

Razorcake Podcast #460 with Michael Fournier

The end of the semester comes with scramble, wrapping up loose ends and making adjustments for next time. The hectic pace of the last few months have been compounded by a spate of spring shows, a recording session, deadlines, rewrites. All these fresh releases by friends old and new have made bumps a little smoother. Keep grinding!

Mike F.

rules, “Detroit” (Self-released, from forthcoming demo)
Plural Being, “No Life Hack” (Self-released demo)
Sun Children Sun, “Anti-Rich Monja Price” (Self-released, Self-titled LP)
Longings, “Trapped” (Self-titled LP, Framework)
Pretty Hurts, “Solitary Whistle” (Self-titled, Self released LP)
- - -
Uranium Club, “Operation” (Human Exploration LP, Static Shock)
Dame, “Shy Bullet” (Charm School EP, Self-released)
Aye Nako, “Particle Mace” (Silver Haze LP, Don Giovanni)
S.L.I.P., “5:45 AM” (Slippery When Wet LP, Sorry State)
Marron, “Reflect” (Terrenos LP, Verdugo Discos)
- - -
Thick Tang, “Gamboge” (Gamboge EP, Self-released)
Sister, Brother, “Tales From The South Station Bathroom” (Self-titled Self-released tape)
Petrol Girls, “Touch Me Again” (Talk of Violence LP, Bomber Music)
Strange Fate, “Don’t Tell Me How To Run” (Strange LP, Self-released)
- - -
An Anderson, “Survivalism” (Parts LP, Self released.)