Razorcake Podcast #459 with Kurt Morris

Jun 30, 2017

Razorcake Podcast #459 with Kurt Morris

Emotional connection is, for me (and I imagine most others), one of the key reasons for an undying allegiance to music. And I’m not just speaking of punk music, but all music. I love music because it helps me feel my emotions more deeply. To find a band that is getting across through their music exactly what I’m feeling is a wonderful kinship.

Music is also tied in to certain places and times in my life. I can listen to Fugazi today and enjoy the music and lyrics but also recall how it made me feel when I first heard them in high school. Certain memories come to mind when I put on my headphones and listen to Repeater + 3 Songs. Sometimes those memories aren’t always positive, but being the self-flagellating individual I am, I don’t mind putting myself in that delicate emotional position. Other times I think of encouraging memories with songs: times of self-exploration, driving around with friends, or experiences in a new city.

While I have that emotional connection of one degree or another with almost all music, for this podcast I chose songs that speak to me of specific times and places in my life. These tunes all have stories behind them (some of which I’ll share on the podcast), and even if I don’t listen to them every week, they still mean a lot to me. So, please enjoy these songs as I go down memory lane and torment myself with my delicate emotional past.

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Moss Icon, “Gravity” Lyburnum (Vermiform)
- - -
Fugazi, “Blueprint” Repeater + 3 Songs (Dischord)
Union Young America, “Kevorkian” Kill the Man in Everything 7” (Workshop)
Jawbreaker, “Do You Still Hate Me?” 24 Hour Revenge Therapy (Tupelo-Communion)
Jawbox, “Absenter” “Absenter” b/w “Chinese Fork Tie” 7” (DeSoto)
- - -
Cursive, “Warped the Wood Floors” Such Blinding Stars for Starving Eyes (Saddle Creek)
Planes Mistaken For Stars, “Copper & Stars” Self-titled (Deep Elm)
Fireside, “Sucking the Dust” Do Not Tailgate (Startracks)
Clark, “The Beast” Self-titled EP (Self-released)
- - -
Black Flag, “Depression” Damaged (SST)
Osker, “Anchor” Idle Will Kill (Epitaph)

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