Razorcake Podcast #458 with Bryan Static

Jun 23, 2017

Razorcake Podcast #458 with Bryan Static

Bryan Static here, checking in on my mystic voyage to the edge of life itself. Life continues to be a rough road with little time for frivolities. Here is an album’s worth of music that I think is good. Maybe you will too. I’m not placing any bets.

If you know any awesome bands that I’m not playing, you better fucking tell me. Contact me at [email protected].

Booji Boys, “Cody’s Vacay” (Self-titled, Drunken Sailor)
- - -
Nervous Passenger, “It’ll Probably Never Happen” (Way Too Weird, Artistic Integrity)
Culture Abuse, “Jealous” (Peach, 6131)
The Dahmers, “I Wake Up Dead” (In the Dead of Night, Lövely)
- - -
Dead To Me, “I Wanna Die in Los Angeles” (I Wanna Die in Los Angeles, Fat)
The Dirty Nil, “Fuckin’ Up Young” (Minimum R&B, Fat)
Idles, “1049 Gotho” (Brutalism, Balley)
- - -
PEARS, “Hinged By Spine” (Green Star, Fat)
Mike Krol, “Seventeen (Age)” (I Hate Jazz, Counter Counter Culture)
Meat Wave, “Run You Out” (The Incessant, SideOneDummy)
The Kids, “I Don’t Care” (Self-titled, Phillips)
- - -
Unfun, “Blame” (Waterboarding, Debt Offensive)