Razorcake Podcast #457 with Daryl

Jun 16, 2017

Razorcake Podcast #457 with Daryl

Hope these “hot trax” offer some respite from the rest of the outside world.

Stay engaged, stay open to new ideas, never surrender.


Future Virgins, “Easiest Years” (Dirty Smiles 7” Anthology LP, Let’s Pretend)
- - -
Schizophonics, The, “Two Thousand Seventeen” (Ooga Booga 10”, Pig Baby)
Telephone Lovers, “Turn It Around” (Self-titled LP, Lollipop / Disconnected)
Dreamdecay, “Yú” ( LP, Iron Lung)
Nature Boys, “Scum Like Us” (Self-titled LP, Mandible)
- - -
Steel Chains, “I Know” (Self-titled 7”, Dirt Cult)
Pressing On, “Take a Shit on Your Future” (Future 7”, Deranged)
Cyanide Pills, “Big Mistake” (Big Mistake 7”, Damaged Goods)
Mia Loucks, “Girls” (Sister Honey Demos LP, Gilgongo)
- - -
El Banda, “wściekłyszpaler” (wściekłyszpaler 7”, Pasażer)
Lögnhalsmottagningen, “Hoppas du får gonnoré” (Äntligen en ny EP med Lögnhalsmottagningen! 7”, Emotional Response)
Stymie, “Nothing to Do With Anything” (Condescending World LP, Rabid Dog)
Career Suicide, “Point of No Return” (Machine Response LP, Deranged)
- - -
Hüsker Dü, “Love is All Around (Mary’s Theme)” (Makes No Sense at All promo 12”, SST)
Urochromes, “Night Bully” / “Night Bully (Boy Harsher remix)” (Night Bully 7”, Wharf Cat)

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