Razorcake Podcast #454 with John Di Marco

May 26, 2017

Razorcake Podcast #454 with John Di Marco

Here are a whole bunch of songs I have put on recently, the most spur of the moment podcast to date. The first set is a big fuck you to the whyte sopranocysts that have popped up in my virtual world feed, the rest are songs that may make me weep at any time during The Day Today.

Thanks to everyone that sent me a picture disc, made me a mixtape, made a podcast, called out some shit, stepped up, wrote an article (like gods you are). We are a small family and need to call on each other once in a while. It’s over in a flash. I hope you enjoy the show. I’d fly you all here in a second. I fucking love Toronto, and heavy metal. Come hang in my basement.


Summer of ’92, “Constantinople” (Team Japanadian)
- - -
Youth Youth Youth, “Headline Hunters”
Hockey Teeth, “Power and Control” (Outcast)
AK47 (CA), “Fuck Racism, Fuck Skrewdriver, and Fuck You Too” (Reason)
Hard Charger, “Relentless Mindfuckers” (No List)
Chainbreaker, “Enslave Your Masters”
Upright Citizens, “Swastika Ratss” (Artcore)
Desidia, “Bring It” (Razorcake)
- - -
Watson, “Buckle Up” (ADD)
Bob Mould, “Hands Are Tied” (Merge)
Mere Women, “Drive” (Poison City)
Eric’s Trip, “Sixteen Hours” (Sub Pop)
The Tim Version, “Otto” (No Idea)
DL Burdon, “Emotional Slapstick” (Boss Tuneage)
- - -
Jeff Brawer, “Dulcet Chord Tones”
Spoke, “Descant” (Allied)
Hard Skin, “Sausage Man [w. Debbie Smith]” (JT Classics)
Booji Boys, “Waiting To Die” (Drunken Sailor)
Elder Abuse, “The Winner’s Circle” (Little Rocket)
- - -
Street Eaters, “Run Away [Smoking Popes]” (Dead Broke)
Wordbug, “Little Pieces” (Boss Tuneage)
Ancient Grains, “Last Run [The Rebel Spell]” (Not Yer Buddy)
Bobby D, “No Time..”