Razorcake Podcast #452 with Kurt Morris

May 12, 2017

Razorcake Podcast #452 with Kurt Morris

I grew up in a fairly conservative, right-wing household and bought into most of that ideology. The more I got into punk rock and learned about thinkers such as Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky and, you know, as I built a sense of empathy, I found myself becoming left-leaning, politically speaking. Given the political state in the United States (and really, all over the world), I thought to explore songs on this podcast with left and right in the title. Maybe my podcast is what the United States needs to begin to heal and bring the two sides together.

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City Of Caterpillar, “Maybe They’ll Gnaw Right Through” Self-titled (Level Plane)
- - -
Rollins Band, “Move Right In” Life Time (Buddha)
The Germs, “Not All Right” (MIA) The Complete Anthology (Slash)
Fang, “The Money Will Roll Right In” Landshark (Boner)
Hot Cross, “Putting the Past Right” A New Set of Lungs (Level Plane)
Black Flag, “Nothing Left Inside” My War (SST)
The Replacements, “Left of the Dial” Tim
Fireside, “Left Rustle” Do Not Tailgate
Texas Is The Reason, “Back and to the Left” Do You Know Who You Are? (Revelation)
- - -
Dinosaur Jr., “Left/Right” Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not (Jagjaguwar)