Razorcake Podcast #451 with Michael Fournier

May 05, 2017

Razorcake Podcast #451 with Michael Fournier

The urge, multiple times a day, to dip into the gushing river of hate and garbage is hard to quell. But I’ve been trying: writing, reading, exercising between snowstorms, hanging with friends – and, of course, listening to music for solace and motivation.  Keep your eyes open, and keep grinding.

Mike F.

Tilt, “Weave and Unravel” (Fat Music For Fat People comp)
Generacion Suicida, “Desconexion” (Sombras LP, Going Underground)
Ex-Cult, “Attention Ritual” (Negative Growth LP, In The Red)
ExMaid, “Gone” (Neurotic Fantasies EP, self-released)
Kids Near Water, “So This Is How It Begins” (Cave Bear Is Flying Panda LP, Firefly)
- - -
Channels, “Backpfeifengesicht” (Backpfeifengesicht EP, Dischord)
Out, “End Times” (Swim Buddies LP, Comedy Minus One)
Come Holy Spirit, “Rafters” (Weather LP, self-released)
Private Room, “Shining Moment” (Forever And Ever LP, Iron Lung)
Priests, “Pink White House” (Nothing Feels Natural LP, Sister Polygon)
- - -
Trophy Wife, “Body Camera” (Body Camera/Where Is North EP, Self-released)
Hot Tip, “Fiction” (Hold Me, Closely LP, self-released)
Storm Clouds, “All the Effort” (Cloak the Sky LP, Self-released)
Give, “Heart First Opened” (Electric Flower Circus LP, Moonflower)
- - -
Kitchens & Bathroom, “Australian Council” (Vehicles Beyond LP, Forge Again)