Razorcake Podcast #450 with Susan de Place

Apr 28, 2017

Razorcake Podcast #450 with Susan de Place

I heard punk for the first time when I was 15. I played these records for the Razorcake 15 year anniversary party.


The Nots, "Fix" (Goner)
Patsy, "Insidious Kind" (Total Punk)
The Stops, "Repulsive" (Dirt Cult)
Slant 6, "Semi Blue Tile" (Dischord)
- - -
Exit Order, "Take the Bait" (Side Two)
Sissy, "Attack" (North London Bomb Factory)
Reprobettes, "Danger" (Boppa Do Down)
- - -
Divisia, "Just Leave" (Pessimiser/Theologian
Devotchkas, "Live Fast Die Young" (Punk Core)
Chroma, "Por Llegar" (Hysteria / De o For a / Nada Nada Discos)
- - -
Peluqueria Canina, "Mil Demonios" (Going Underground)
La URSS, "Pasos que Agitan el Polvo" (La Corporation)
Suicidas, "Querda Floja" (Sabotage)
- - -
Runaways, "Dead End Justice"
Tacocat, "Crimson Wave" (Hardly Art)
Gal Pals, "Ex-Marionette" (Papercup Music)
- - -
The Pandoras, "Hot Generation" (Voxx)
Fuzzbox, "Love is the Slug"
Gail Harris & the Wailers, "I Idolize You" (Ace Records, Ltd.)