Razorcake Podcast #449 with Kurt Morris

Apr 21, 2017

Razorcake Podcast #449 with Kurt Morris

Lately, with Donald Trump’s gaslighting it can make one feel as though down is up and up is down. What is true? What is false? What really happened? Has any of it been real? It’s this thought of the world turned upside down that led me to put together this podcast of songs with either the word up or down in the title. Let’s hope we can set things right again. And soon.

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Bold, “Wise Up” The Search: 1985-1989 (Revelation)
- - -
Youth Of Today, “Break Down the Walls” Break Down the Walls (Revelation)
Judge, “Bringing It Down” Bringing It Down (Revelation)
Articles Of Faith, “Up Against a Wall” P.E.A.C.E. compilation (R Radical)
Offenders, “Face Down in the Dirt” P.E.A.C.E. compilation (R Radical)
D.O.A., “Fucked Up Ronnie” Positively D.O.A. 7” (Alternative Tentacles)
Scream, “U. Suck A. / We’re Fed Up” Still Screaming (Dischord)
- - -
Pop Unknown, “Writing It Down for You” Emo Diaries Chapter 2 (Deep Elm)
Self-Evident, “Loaded Down with Static” The Traveler (Doubleplusgood)
Death From Above 1979, “Go Home, Get Down” You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine (Vice)
Stanford Prison Experiment, “Nails That Stick Up Get Hammered Down” Wrecreation
Coliseum, “Give Up and Drive” Self-titled (Level Plane)
- - -
Baroness, “Board Up the House” Yellow & Green (Relapse)
Egg Hunt, “We All Fall Down” 20 Years of Dischord (Dischord)