Razorcake Podcast #445 with Kayla Greet

Mar 24, 2017

Razorcake Podcast #445 with Kayla Greet

I’m back with another podcast of songs that I hope you enjoy as much as I do. This has been a headache and a half to teach myself how to record solo, but check it the fuck out, I did it! Several hours of trial and error, a $40 microphone from my local music store, and a pot of coffee later I have a podcast. Huzzah!

Part of why I was so motivated to put myself through this time-consuming and frustrating experience is because I think it’s important for more women to be talking about music or anything at all. So many things in my life are male dominated, and I’m guessing they are for you as well. There’s no problem with men having a voice, but there’s a huge problem with females not having one. Just look to Elizabeth Warren being stopped from sharing a letter from Coretta Scott King if you need a recent example. Nevertheless, she persisted. We all will.

-Kayla Greet

Young Go Hards, “Reconciling with the Present” (What Are You, from Here?, Self-released)
- - -
Giant Peach, “Breaking Glass Statues” (Tarantula, Don Giovanni)
joyride!, “Slow Release” (Bodies of Water, Salinas)
Shonen Knife, “Flu” (fun! fun! Fun!, P-Vine)
- - -
Dag Nasty, “Can I Say” (Can I Say, Dischord)
The Queers, “Girl About Town” (Acid Beaters Split with The Manges, Stardumb)
Groovie Ghoulies, “Beast with Five Hands” (Born in the Basement, Lookout!)
- - -
Murder City Devils, “Dear Hearts” (Broken Bottles and Empty Hearts, Sub Pop)
Decent Criminal, “Death” (Decent Criminal, Endless Bummer)
Hunx And His Punx, “You Think You’re Tough” (Street Punk, Hardly Art)
- - -
La Luz, “Sure as Spring” (It’s Alive, Hardly Art)

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