Razorcake Podcast #441 with Bryan Static’s Best of 2016 Jamboree

Feb 24, 2017

Razorcake Podcast #441 with Bryan Static’s Best of 2016 Jamboree

2016! What a fucking year! I got fired (read: laid off) for the first time ever, moved from Texas to the West Coast, and America elected a tyrant as president! What a time to be alive! I’m not going to let anything stop me at this point, so join me, won’t you? Let’s play some of the best songs of 2016 and say goodbye to the strange, stunning year that was the one that just ended. May I present to you, fine listener, Bryan Static’s best of 2016 playlist.

-Bryan Static
[email protected]

PUP, “If This Tour Doesn’t Kill You, Then I Will/DVP” (The Dream Is Over, Sideonedummy)
- - -
PEARS, “The Flu” (Green Star, Fat Wreck)
Low Culture, “I Don’t Buy It” (Places to Hide, Dirtnap)
Sass Dragons, “Will Not Move” (True Adventures, Let’s Pretend)
The Lippies, “Sleeping” (Self-titled, Red Scare)
- - -
Audacity, “Counting the Days” (Hyper Vessels, Suicide Squeeze)
Drakulas, “Getting Out” (Raw Wave, Dirtnap)
Toys That Kill, “Silent War” (Sentimental Ward, Recess)
Dark Thoughts, “The Sound” (Self-titled, Stupid Bag)
- - -
Martha, “Precarious (Supermarket Song)” (Blisters in the Pit of My Heart, Dirtnap)
Jeff Rosenstock, “I Did Something Weird Last Night” (Worry., Sideonedummy)
Meat Market, “Floor” (Dig Deep, Recess)
Big Eyes, “Alls I Know” (Stake My Claim, Don Giovanni)
Pinned In Place, “Built to Chill” (Ghostwritten By, Razorcake / Avocado)
Mikey Erg, “Nyquil and Sudafed” (Tentative Decisions, Don Giovanni)
- - -
No Parents, “Hey Grandma” (Hey Grandma and the Greatest Hits, Ring The Alarm)