Razorcake Podcast #440 with Griffin Wynne

Feb 17, 2017

Razorcake Podcast #440 with Griffin Wynne

There are A LOT of bands with members of marginalized identities who are working hard and putting out amazing music.

I am, however, still living in a world where unless spaces are created and active conscious choices are being made in organizing shows, promoting music, buying records, and otherwise supporting these bands, I drown in a sea of homogenized cis/het white men, uncomfy shows I don’t feel safe at, and a scene I see no representation of myself in.

It’s important that we continue to work to support punk bands with members of marginalized identities. It’s important we continue to create a heterogeneous representation of bodies in punk.

It’s also important that we keep looking out for and supporting new bands and new to us bands, that fall outside of our “frequently played artists” zone.

Every song here is from a band I had never heard of before making this playlist, and as always, every band is comprised of women+, femmes, queer and trans folx.

Try new things. Try a little harder.
Support women+, femmes, queers and trans folx in punk.
Fuck Donald Trump.

(The picture is from the LA Women’s March by my friend Scott Williams)


p.s. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1n8I8At3_EinozrjL3FMHDdB4SV8FTo4SHoTBmG37Bh8/edit#gid=0

^here is an amazing list some people have been working on of bands with marginalized people! check it out!

Skating Polly, “Nothing More Than a Body” (The Big Fit, Chap Stereo)
Dog Party, “O Brave New World” (’Til You’re Mine, Asian Man)
Skinny Girl Diet, “Lazy Eye” (Heavy Flow, FIASCO, Trunk)
Cayetana, “Hot Dad Calendar” (Nervous Like Me, Self-released/Tiny Engines)
Groovie Ghoulies, “Don’t Go Out Into The Rain (You’re Gonna Melt)” (Flying Saucer Rock n’ Roll, Green Door)
Industrial Park, “Hollow Walls” (Cold White -EP, Self-released/desire)
The Spook School, “I’ll Be Honest” (Dress Up, Fortuna Pop!)
Cyberbully Mom Club, “Drunk Text Romance” (Outdoor Activities, Self-released)
Kitten Forever, “Cry Baby” (Pressure, Guilt Ridden Pop)
Talulah Gosh, “Talulah Gosh” (Backwash, K)
The Tuts, “I Call You Up” (Update Your Brain, Dovetown)
Tender Trap, “Do You Want A Boyfriend?” (Dansette Dansette, Slumberland)
Colour Me Wednesday, “Slippers” (Split with Spoonboy, Self-released/Lauren)
The Amps, “She’s a Girl” (Pacer, 4AD.)
Black Tambourine, “For Ex-Lovers Only” (Black Tambourine, Slumberland)
All Girl Summer Fun Band, “Dreamy You” (Summer of ’98, Magic Marker)