Razorcake Podcast #436 with Daryl

Jan 20, 2017

Razorcake Podcast #436 with Daryl

Did I hustle to get this podcast done so I could post this image on the website today? Yes. Thank you Feederz for this brilliant, beautiful illustration.

Much love to everyone out there this weekend. Whether you’re participating in the General Strike, the various marches, or a riot. This weekend belongs to us. Don’t get caught.


The Globs From Outer Space, “Hey Kid!” (Do You Feel Weird? CS, Self-released)
The Ergs!, “September/October” (Goddamn Death Dedication 7”, Whoa Oh)
Urochromes, “The Mental Decline” (Anthology LP, Feeding Tube)
Brat Kings, “Rat Tail” (Hypnopedia LP, Dirt Cult / Brain Gum)
The Feelers, “Achtung Hipster” (2007 Euro Tour 7”, P. Trash)
Heat, “Heat” (Feel It 7”, Deranged)
Fuck It…I Quit, “Kicking and Screaming” (Demo 7”, Not Like You)
Cønditiøn, “Blood without End” (Actual Hell LP, Iron Lung)
Guitar Gangsters, “That’s When the Razor Cuts” (Prohibition LP, re-released by Wanda)
Rikk Agnew Band, “Learn!!” (LEARN. LP, Frontier)
Šanov 1, “Šlem” (On the Shit LP, re-released by PHR)
Surprise Vacation, “The Kids Don’t Know What They Want” (Stealing Office Supplies LP, Our Damn Selves)
Killer Dreamer, “Black Metal Band” (Self-titled (first one) LP, Kapow)
Frontier Club, “Pointers” (Pointers b/w Respond to Heat 7”, Self-released)
Frozen Teens, “Berryman’s Bridge” (Hey Good Job 12” EP, Dead Broke)
Erica Freas, “Sun” (Patient Ones LP, Rumbletowne / Don Giovanni)