Razorcake Podcast #435 with Kurt Morris

Jan 13, 2017

Razorcake Podcast #435 with Kurt Morris

I was listening to The Replacements recently and enjoying the song “Gary’s Got a Boner” and thought to myself, “I wonder who that man is with the engorged member?” I then thought, “There are probably lots of random people mentioned in song titles and most of us have no idea who these people are.” Thus, I put together a podcast of tunes with song titles that include a person’s first name. While some of these songs are about real people, perhaps some of them are fictitious. Hell, perhaps some of them aren’t about people at all, but it makes for an interesting theme.

–Kurt [email protected]

The Replacements, “Gary’s Got a Boner” Let It Be (Twin/Tone)
The Reatards, “Stacye” Teenage Hate (Goner)
Avail, “Bob’s Crew” Satiate (Lookout!)
The Gits, “Slaughter of Bruce” Frenching the Bully (C/Z)
Crusades, “Becky” The Sun Is Down and The Night Is Riding In (It’s Alive / Razorcake)
The Ramones, “Judy Is a Punk” Loud Fast
Fugazi, “Brendan #1” Repeater + 3 Songs (Dischord)
Jets To Brazil, “Conrad” Orange Rhyming Dictionary (Jade Tree)
Brandtson, “Shannon Said” Fallen Star Collection (Deep Elm)
Mineral, “Gloria” The Power of Failing (Crank!)
Pinback, “Sherman” Information Retrieved (Temporary Residence Ltd.)
Grabass Charlestons, “Existential Dale” Dale & The Careeners (No Idea)

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