Razorcake Podcast #434 with John Di Marco

Jan 06, 2017

Razorcake Podcast #434 with John Di Marco

Skateboarding has brought a lot of music to my ears. This Razorcake podcast is a dip into some vhs soundtrack classics, a few songs about the act of skating, and the overall inspiration I feel participating. Like punk rock, skating can be a phase in life, a outlet for aggression, a community to grow in, a skill to master, a hunt for adrenalin, a study in physics, a conduit for fun and radness, therapy. We shun the industry commercialization, and know that the pure love comes from the beauty and fluidity of the movement, not to mention the automatic encouragement from the sidelines. Yes, the skate kids are alright.

Speaking of movement, there’s even a danceable mix squeezed into the second half of the episode. Skating, walking, exercising, drumming… just keep moving. Skateboarding cracks my shell, and continues to make me feel alive.

“And how about school, it’s fun to skate to school isn’t it” -Johnny Rad

The VH song is played purely in the interest of cultural studies. As a teen, my skateboard friend’s big brother made fun of us for our bands and skate style, and he really loved VH. When he was out, we would pop this song on and laugh our heads off.

What does this have to do with skateboarding? Well, If you were a freak or geek growing up, and felt intimidation or had your ass kicked by Halen fans, just revel in the fact that at one time they were listening to this wonky, sleazy, chauvinistic, musical comedy bit of a tune, and possibly believing it to be the epitome of rock! Come with me friend, it’ll be like visiting one of those right wing news channels.

Some situations never change, but and as far as my pal’s big brother goes, he ended up diving deep musically, becoming an amazing bass player and falling religiously in love with 70’s funk and soul, Stax and Motown, into the Clash. In the end, he was the one who introduced me to Funkadelic, the J.B’s, and other staples of the era. I can picture his wife cringing at Diamond Dave’s yelps and howls. I can’t wait to play it for her!

-John Di Marco

Tiltwheel, “8 1/2"
- - -
J.F.A., “Skateboard/We Know You Suck” (Alternative Tentacles)
Los Pukes, “Condemned” w. Grosso (BBVT)
McRad, “McShred” (Uprising)
Kinghorse, “Clayfist” (Caroline)
Norma Tracy & the Cinderella Kids, “Skateboard Song” (Romulan)
The Measure (SA) “Hit The Ground Running” (Kiss Of Death)
Pegboy, “My Youth” (Quarterstick)
- - -
Joey Ramone, “I Got Knocked Down But I’ll Get Up (Sanctuary)
Satanic Surfers, “Submission” (Bad Taste)
Big Boys, “Lesson” (Modern Classics)
The Faction, “Skate and Destroy” (Goldenrod)
Sunnyside, “Lights Out” (A.D.D.)
J.F.A., “My Movie” (Placebo)
- - -
Joe Cuba Sextet, “El Pito - I’ll Never Go Back To Georgia”
Vaughan Mason & Crew, “Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll” (Black Beats)
Tragedy, “Art Of Boards”
The Plasmatics, “No Class” (Southworld)
Radon, “Two Feet” (No Idea)
- - -
VH, “Outta Love Again”
F.Y.P., “Seeing Is Believing (S.I.B.)” (Recess)
- - -
Odd Numbers, “In This World” (Coldfront)
Le Tigre, “My Art” (Le Tigre)
Kirk and the Jerks, “Hang On To The Dream”

Selected lyrics:

8 1/2
“I can feel the cold but i can't feel the bleed”

Skateboard/We Know You Suck
“Backside air- you beef, ollie pop - you beef!”

Condemned with Jeff Grosso
“Self correct! Physician heal thyself!”

“We like to have a lot of fun, we don’t care, yeaahhh!”

Clay Fist
“Just don’t pretend the pain you feel will ever come to an end”

Skateboard Song
“No more time for loop-de-loupe!”

Hit The Ground Running
“I hope the leaders of this world don’t outlive me”

My Youth
“If I could just convince myself that it was long enough”

I Got Knocked Down But I’ll Get Up
“Sittin’ in a hospital bed, it really sucks!”

“We gather here to dance and play, sweating out our anger”

“Leave if you don't want to stay!”

Skate and Destroy
“At least I'm not a robot!”

Lights Out
“Six full boxes of red wine!”

El Pito
“I’ll never go back! never never never!”

Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll
‘nuff said -JDM

Art Of Boards
“We do stunts in the memory of Justin. We study art of boards like art of war”

No Class
“I’ve crossed you off of my list”

Two Feet
“coming down…two feet on the ground”

Outta Love Again
“Stroke me away! yeah ee yeah eh”

Seeing Is Believing
“Why not just take the leap and get some help”

In This World
“We're never going to break our bones ‘cause we've carried them too far!”

My Art
“You got the rebel style it don't fool me, my art is better than your art!”

Hang On To The Dream
“never let it die!”

Dedicated to Thomas Morgan,

rip Tom ‘The Rock’ Boyle, Dylan Reider, & Justin Bokma

notes for 2016
-TWS Skateboarding Nov 2016 Lizzie Armanto, 1st woman ever on the cover
-frmr. skater of the year and beloved pro Brian Anderson comes out
-Energy drinks still suck

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