Razorcake Podcast #431 with Michael Fournier

Dec 16, 2016

Razorcake Podcast #431 with Michael Fournier

I always used to say daylight savings was one of my favorite nights—after all, I’ve been staying up and sleeping late since I was like eighteen. But it’s tempered by the loss of an hour of daylight. Maybe four hours of daylight can put a damper on things, you know? So, here’s a (mostly) upbeat set to help everyone through—especially all my delayed sleep phase disorder homies.

Mike F



Pandemix, “Second Opinion” (Pathological Culture, Self-released demo)
Party Animal, “Beer Truck on Fire” (Self-released eponymous 12”)
Urochromes, “I Don’t Wanna Be Like Me” (Get in Line 4 Mental Decline cassette, Gut Freak)
Sex Stains, “Crumbs” (Self-titled 12”, Don Giovanni)
Exit Verse, “Sleeping in Graceland” (Grant No Glory 12”, Ernest Jenning Recording Co.)
- - -
Strange Passage, “Viaducts Burning Down” (Shine and Scatter cassette, Self-released)
Daephne, “Jump Right into My Nightmare, The Water’s Warm” (Full Circle LP, Self-released)
Nots, “New Structures” (Cosmetic 12”, Goner)
Sleaford Mods, “Jobseeker” (The Mekon LP, A52 Sounds)
Martha’s Vineyard Ferries, “Ramon and Sage” (Mass. Grave 12”, Kiam)
- - -
Rain, “Snakeout” (La Vache Qui Rit 12”, Peterbilt/Dischord)
Ancient Filth, “Crisis Cycle” (Earth Brains flexi, Self-released)
Nervous Triggers, “Disarming Man” (2016 demo, Self-released)
Kamala And The Karnivores, “Bone Bouquet” (Girl Band 7”, Lookout!)
- - -
Nocturnal Habits, “Good Grief” (New Skin for Old Children 12”, Glacial Pace)




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