Razorcake Podcast #429 with Bianca and Daisy

Dec 02, 2016

Razorcake Podcast #429 with Bianca and Daisy

This podcast is coming at you from the air-conditioned confines of the new Razorcake podcasting station. Things get off to a dark start with banter touching on credit scores, financial literacy, and the soul-crushing pain of trying to find an apartment in Los Angeles. But ultimately Todd, Daisy, and Bianca turn the ship around and end on a high note with a story about the Flute Man of Pasadena.

Sex Stains, “Oh No (Say What?),” Self-titled (Don Giovanni)
Hemlines, “Crosshairs,” All Your Homes (DZ Tapes)
- - -
Sonic Avenues, “Future,” Disconnector (Dirtnap)
Dimber, “Sons & Daughters,” Self-titled cassingle (Self-released)
Riverboat Gamblers, “Jenna,” Self-titled (Recorded Messages)
Bazooka, “Useless Generation,” Useless Generation (Slovenly)
- - -
Trap Girl, “Murder She Wrote,” From Diamonds to Dust (Self-released)
Alice Bag, “Modern Day Virgin Sacrifice,” Alice Bag (Don Giovanni)
Sister Mantos, “Fin Del Mundo,” UNK (Self-released)
Yung Lean, “Miami Ultras,” Warlord (YEAR0001)
- - -
The Magnetic Fields, “Smoke and Mirrors,” Get Lost (Merge)
Television Personalities, “Glittering Prizes”, And Don't the Kids Just Love It, Rough Trade (UK release), Razor & Tile (U.S. release)
Plastics, “Copy,” Welcome Plastics, (Rough Trade)
- - -
CCTV, “Quiet,” Self-titled 7” (Lumpy)
Sun Bather, “ZZZzzzzz,” ZZZzzzzz 7” EP, (Hjernespind)





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