Razorcake Podcast #428 with Daryl

Nov 25, 2016

Razorcake Podcast #428 with Daryl

Can punk survive without people buying records? Nope. Avoid the die-off, support the bands, save the scene.


The Pretty Flowers, “Inconsiderate Dreams” (Split 7” with Last Good Sleep, Self-released)
The Taxpayers, “You People Make Me Fucking Sick” (Big Delusion Factory LP, Secret Pennies)
Mallwalkers, “Big Bad Funk” (“Dial ‘M’ for…” LP, Peterwalkee)
- - -
G.L.O.S.S., “Fight” (Trans Day of Revenge 7”, Nervous Nelly / Total Negativity)
RÜZ, “Burying the Stuff” (Self-titled 7”, Lumpy)
Blackball, “Marked By Ruin” (Self-titled 7”, Sorry State)
Ornitor Rincos, “(Violencia No Es) Atitude” (Ladrones de Riffs 7”, Thrash Unreal)
Rough Kids, “I Fear the Fall” (Self-titled LP, Sorry State)
Scared Of Chaka, “My New Own” (Crossing With Switchblades LP, Hopeless)
Prince, “More of This” (Split 7” with Dan Padilla, Dead Broke)
robot (re)pair, “Pixie Fairy Angel Dust” (Split 7” with New Junk City, Night Animal)
Boilerman, “Apophasis” (Feels Ways About Stuff LP, 86’d / All In / Sad Punk / Waterslide)
- - -
Martha, “Do Nothing” (Blisters in the Pit of My Heart LP, Dirtnap)
Toys That Kill, “Lazy” (Sentimental Ward LP, Recess)
Big Star, “Way Out West” (Radio City LP, Ardent)
Godfathers, “Believe in Yourself” (Unreal World LP)
Unwound, “Ratbite” (Fake Train LP, Kill Rock Stars)

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