Razorcake Podcast #426 with John Di Marco

Nov 04, 2016

Razorcake Podcast #426 with John Di Marco

The Cool Bus of spaceflight is here! Running weekly and stopping at the best destinations: Amphetamine Street, Desolation Row, short turn at Fascination and Desperation Streets. I am your sky pilot, JDM. Thank you for flying with me.

Here is a collection of therapeutic songs to help combat even the highest levels of anxiety. This is a strong claim. I know, but my mood did a complete 180 by the time the last songs were collected. Next thing I knew, I found myself running through a field of buttercups in slow motion, asking myself, “How did I get here?!”

Thanks to Todd, Daryl, and Bear Paw who let me borrow the bus.

“Razorcake worked for me!”

–John Di Marco

Onion Flavored Rings, “Remarkable" (S.P.A.M.)
- - -
The Cramps, “Bop Pills” (Enigma)
Radon, “Headaches and Bullshit” (Eager Beaver/No Idea)
Ramones, “Gimmie Gimmie Shock Treatment” (Sire)
Nervosas, “Unstable” (Let’s Pretend)
The Tim Version, “Yuckface” (No Idea)
J Church, “Sleep” (Rugger Bugger)
- - -
Minutemen, “I Felt Like a Gringo” (SST)
Malignus Youth, “Crazy” (Youth Inc.)
Red Tide, “Skool Pressure”
The Mods, “Between Four Walls” (Bomb)
- - -
Brauer, “Baptiste”
Low Culture, “Not a Machine” (Dirt Cult/Dead Broke)
H.R., “Keep Out of Reach” (SST)
- - -
Baby Ghosts, “Crash” (Drunken Sailor)
Jesse, “Handful of Earth” (Rugger Bugger)
Medictation, “Sweet & Sour” (Little Rocket)
A Death In The Family, “Darling Monkey” (Poison City)
- - -
Cass McCombs, “What Isn’t Nature” (4AD)
Sonic Youth, “Shadow of a Doubt” (SST)
Crusades, “Dreamers” (Razorcake/It’s Alive)
KRS-ONE, “Higher Level”