Razorcake Podcast #423 with Kurt Morris

Oct 14, 2016

Razorcake Podcast #423 with Kurt Morris

I was recently thinking of the state of the world and how things are fucked. It seems we all can’t even agree on what’s right and wrong or good or bad, which is really frustrating when you’re trying to solve problems. I decided to find some songs that have the word “good” or “bad” in the title (one track has both) and put them together into a podcast. If we can’t agree on how to solve everything that’s messed up, at least we’ll always have music. And I think we can all agree that’s certainly a good thing.

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Fugazi, “Bad Mouth” 13 Songs (Dischord)
Wovenhand, “Good Shepherd” Refractory Obdurate (Deathwish)
Jawbreaker, “Bad Scene, Everyone’s Fault” Dear You
- - -
Raft Of Dead Monkeys, “Bad Horsey” Thoroughlev (Burnout)
Training For Utopia, “A Good Feeling” Technical Difficulties (Solid State)
Bad Religion, “Bad Religion” Buried Alive (Bomp!)
Coliseum, “Bad Will” Sister Faith (Temporary Residence)
- - -
Stanford Prison Experiment, “So Far So Good” The Gato Hunch (World Domination)
Hankshaw, “Too Much of a Good Day Is Bad” Everyday I Wish You Harm (Doghouse)
Silver Scooter, “Good Man Down” The Other Palm Springs (Peek-A-Boo)
Minor Threat, “Good Guys (Don’t Wear White) Complete Discography (Dischord)
- - -
Cris Cordero, “Good Drugs” Why Can’t God Cure the Baby? (Remember Artists)