Razorcake Podcast #422 with Michael T. Fournier

Oct 07, 2016

Razorcake Podcast #422 with Michael T. Fournier

We moved to Cape Cod just as summer started—just as wave after wave of tourists appeared. The new school year starts in a few days, and with it, we hear, the relative solitude of the busy season ending, and the unknown it brings.

It’s great/sad to see what’s next.


Whipper, “Chase the Rainbow” (Shit Love 7”, Aarght)
Spirit Plots, “Late 80’s-90’s” (Self-titled, Self-released 12”)
Savak, “Burned By a Fever” (Best of Luck in Future Endeavors 12”, Comedy Minus One)
Gay Mayor, “Burn Down Every Library” (Self-released 2015 demo)
Bad Leg, “Close Talkers” (“Walk It Off” CD, Self-released)
- - -
Proletariat, “Options” (This Is Boston, Not L.A. 12”, Modern Method)
Spokenest, “Other Way” (Gone Gone Gone LP, Self-released / Drunken Sailor)
Canadian Rifle, Deep Ends” (Deep Ends LP, Dirt Cult)
Early American, “Disintegrate” (Early American I, Self-released)
Good Throb, ”Slick Dicks” (self-titled 7”, La Vida Es Un Mus)
- - -
Milemarker, “Blue Flag” (Overseas LP, Lovitt)
Mary And The Immaculate Rejections, “You’re My #1” (Self-titled CD, Painted Girl)
The Bug, “___________”(Room 44 Sessions cassette, Not Normal Tapes)
Shellac, “Surveyor” (Dude Incredible LP, Touch & Go)
- - -
Pile, “Tin Foil Hat” (You’re Better Than This LP, Exploding In Sound)