Razorcake Podcast #421 with J. Wang and Mario Framingheddu

Sep 30, 2016

Razorcake Podcast #421 with J. Wang and Mario Framingheddu

Mario and I were interviewing Todd Taylor to document the early beginnings of a, to remain unnamed, music festival. We planned if we had time that we would do a music podcast. We did and we scrambled and grabbed some records as we ran out the door. My wife Corinne said, “Why don’t you play stuff you’ve played at least one hundred times before?” That was the general loose idea—together with celebrating the life of a lost friend—as well as just enjoying some time with each other, listening to some great records, and drinking a few beers. Hey, someone should make a T-shirt out of that! Joey “noodles” from Little Deputy Records was in town from New York and D.A.ed for Mario during the interview. It was nice to have him and we all hope you enjoy the music. If you like any of these songs, go buy the vinyl and I promise you will stumble across some of your new all-time favorites!

J. Wang

Reactionary 3, “Autoimmune” (12” split with True North)
Grabass Charlestons, “Human Phenamena” (12” split with Toys That Kill)
- - -
Molly, “Hold Tight” (Peach Melba LP)
Calcutta Bazaar, “Sounds Like a Lark” (7” single)
Carrie Nations, “Girlfriend” (Be Still LP)
My Pal Trigger, “Two Miles From Nowhere” (7” single)
- - -
Hard Girls, “996 Tears” (A Thousand Surfaces LP)
Forgetters, “Too Small To Fail” (7” single)
Radon, “Grandma’s Cootie” (28 LP)
Hot New Mexicans, “It’s Called Leaning Back” (It’s Called Leaning Back LP)
- - -
Divers, “Tracks” (Hello, Hello LP)
Basement Benders, “Purple Days” (Lydiad LP)
This Bike Is A Pipebomb, “Mouseteeth” (Front Seat Solidarity LP)
Tim Version, “Funny Movies” (Ordinary Life LP)
- - -
Cayetana, “Hot Dad Calendar” (7” single)
Gordon Gano’s Army, “First Song” (Self-titled LP)