Razorcake Podcast #420 with Chris Terry

Sep 23, 2016

Razorcake Podcast #420 with Chris Terry

I’m damn near forty and sometimes life feels like a swirl of memories. Here are a bunch of my favorite punk songs, arranged to sound good back-to-back while associating from era-to-era, place-to-place. You’ll find twenty-year-old RVA hardcore next to a random band I reviewed last year, ‘90s riot grrrls covering dead ‘70s icons, leading into self-released instrumental hip hop from contemporary Queens. Hopefully you find it true to life.

-Chris Terry

Pressing On, “Blocked by a Wall” No Defeat No Capitulation (Deranged)
G.L.O.S.S., “Outcast Stomp” Demo (Nervous Nelly)
-  -  -
Eucharist, “Plague” Self-titled (Mountain)
Dark Ages, “Vapor” Vapor (Sorry State)
Brainworms, “Born with a Beard” Which Is Worse (Rorschach)
True Feedback Story, “Saturday Night is Killing Me” Self-titled (Self-released)
-  -  -
(Young) Pioneers, “Food Stamps” First Virginia Volunteers (Vermiform)
Lenguas Largas, “Heavy Bubbles” Abba Daddy (Red Lounge)
Underground Railroad To Candyland, “The Grown-ups Will Have Their Say” The People Are Home (Recess)
Uphill Down, “Time Bomb” Self-titled (SoundHole)
-  -  -
Daylight Robbery, “Rememoration” Accumulated Error (Deranged)
Radioactivity, “Silent Kill” Silent Kill (Dirtnap)
Hunx And His Punx, “I’m Coming Back” Street Punk (Hardly Art)
Blobs, “Garbage Police” Demo (More Power Tapes)
-  -  -
Slant 6, “Bat Cat Stop” Split with the Make*Up (Time Bomb)
J. Zone, “Seoul Power” Fish-n-Grits (Old Maid Ent.)