Razorcake Podcast #416 with Michael T. Fournier

Aug 19, 2016

Summers on Cape Cod are gorgeous. With that said, my wife and I often feel like the youngest people here, so I’ve been digging for new music to make me feel more connected. I hope you dig it! xo

–Mike F.

White Murder “Nice New Outfit” (Fugazi covers comp w/ Perpetually Twelve zine)
Plow United “Illustrations” (Three LP, It’s Alive!)
Bad Leg “B.O.” (B.O. digital single, Self-released)
Gnards “Messy Lucy” (Deep cassette, Self-released)
Taste Wasters “Last Two Teeth of the Saw” (Corrupts Absolutely CD, forthcoming on Viking On Campus)
- - -
Dr. Identity “Permanent” (Demo cassette, self-released)
Tuffy “Now Now” (Don’t Chase EP, self-released)
Positive No “Weird Hugs” (Glossa LP, Little Black Cloud)
Ergs! “No Sharona” (No Sharona EP, Whoa Oh)
A-Frames “Memoranda” (Black Forest, Sub Pop)
- - -
Mutoid Man “Sweet Ivy” (Bleeder LP, Sargent House)
G.L.O.S.S. “Trans Day of Revenge” (Trans Day of Revenge 7”, Total Negativity / Nervous Nelly)
The Effects “Close the Gap” (Fix as the Reason cassette, Self-released)
In School “Awakening” (Cement Fucker, Thrilling Living)
- - -
Thick Tang “No Idea” (Digital demo, self-released)

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