Razorcake Podcast #410 with Daryl

Jul 01, 2016

Destructionist, noun | de·struc·tion·ist
one who delights in or advocates destruction


Deathreat, “Reason to Live…Reason to Die” (Self-titled 7”, Partners In Crime)
End Of The World News, “1917” (Self-titled 7”, Recess)
Screamers, “Vertigo” (Demos 1977-78LP)
Tenement, “The Block is Safe Again” (Bruised Music Vol. 2 LP, Grave Mistake / Toxic Pop)
Red Dons, “Together Apart” (Dead Hand of Tradition LP, Taken By Surprise)
Unwound, “Totality” (MK Ultra b/w Totality 7”, Kill Rock Stars)
Crooked Bangs, “Brains” (Self-titled LP, Western Medical)
Tulsa, “Fiddler’s Green” (Split 7” with The Answer Lies, Big Raccoon / Repulsion)
Instängd, “Fångad” (Mitt Svar På Ingenting 7”, Sorry State)
Osker, “No Spine” (Split 7” with Blindsided, Bankshot)
Nuclear Family, “More of the Same” (Self-titled 12”EP, Loud Punk)
Intelligence, The, “I Am that Grey” (Split 7” with Popular Shapes, Dirtnap)
Spazz, “Dewey Decimal Stitchcore” (La Revancha LP, 625)
Total Abuse, “Hidden Blood” (Prison Sweat12”EP, PPM)