Razorcake Issue #76 from 2013 featuring Criminal Code, White Murder, Rational Anthem, and Punk In Indonesia

Sep 19, 2019

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Cover photo by Zachary Kolden
Punk cover design by Daryl Gussin

Criminal Code: Collin Strange and Daryl grill Taiga Criminal Code about his relationship to whiskey, Van Halen, and ignorance. These topics aren’t as strange as you may think. It wasn’t all that long ago that Taiga found himself drinking a whiskey breakfast in a stranger’s house. Remember kids: pace yourself with the drink and not with the music. There’s a sexual undercurrent to this one. Maybe?

White Murder: The members of White Murder explain what it all means to Todd Taylor and Noah Wolf. If you haven’t experienced White Murder live you’re genuinely missing out. Humans are mostly water and the five members of White Murder will pull it out of you in one performance, turning you into a salty lump of mumbling punk jerky. When they play, the tension in the room vibrates the collective punk jerky and everybody is invested. I’m not sure if that makes sense, but go see them and we’ll compare notes. And jerky.

Rational Anthem:  Interview with the goofballs in Rational Anthem with irreverence and personal history in the fore. While they may abandon you to get pizza when you go missing, Rational Anthem is some good times. What happens when you run out of gas and out of depressing things to say? Apparently, you keep drinking and planning your next tour. If you can’t laugh at yourself, then you shouldn’t be laughing at me. But if you can, then we can laugh at each other and high-five the night away.

Punk In Indonesia: Kevin Dunn—the Anthony Bourdain of punk—travels to Indonesia to unearth the vibrant punk community growing across its many islands. Did you know that there are entire festivals dedicated to Celtic punk in Indonesia? I sure as fuck didn’t. As always, Kevin illuminates global DIY culture and individual resilience with well-informed framing and humor. The geography of Indonesia and the religiosity of its government are obstacles for the parking-lot-loitering and Gilles Deleuze-quoting punks Kevin talks to. This is an absolutely fascinating and informative read. Get learned.

Sean Carswell just wants to read on the graves of dead soldiers.

Jim Ruland has some pretty good reasons for disliking organized religion.

Liz Prince is manic depressive and self-medicating.

Mitch Clem thinks it’s all about him.

Cassie J. Sneider stage dives in a dog costume at a Dwarves show and gets validation from a teenage boy.

Rev. Nørb questions the value of stickers.

Adrian Chi loves cats, but thinks they’re a lil’ promiscuous.

Rhythm Chicken reveals the mystery stop from the last issue. All aboard the choo choo!

Ben Snakepit is wearing a Roger Ebert mask and sitting on his thumbs.

Kiyoshi Nakazawa harkens back to the ancient Greeks like every old man.

Designated Dale remembers all the stupid shit he used to do in the name of shenanigannery.

Art Fuentes is a lonely old man. This one made me sad.

And photos from the lovely and talented:

Shanty Cheryl 

Dan Monick 

Rachel Murray Framingheddu 

Matt Average

This issue is dedicated to the births of Denali June Drobach, Harper Letha Van Cleave, twins Hollis and Eloise Lay, and Genevieve “Knives” August McBride. Punks are fertile!

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