Razorcake 73

Razorcake Issue #73 from 2013 with The Taxpayers, Social Conflict, Rough Kids, Monsieur Jeffery Evans, Flying Lotus

Mar 14, 2019

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Cover design and illustration by Marcos Siref

Based on photos by Zachary Archer

The Taxpayers: Keith Rosson interviews The Taxpayers, a band he accurately refers to as a juggernaut of fun. Climb inside the Florida storage container they lived in to read about the knuckle tattoo genesis of Goof Punx and the band’s origins as a way to pay homage to the Minutemen. They’re a band founded on ethical good times and a Tom Sawyer sense of touring adventure. They play shows for the redemptive quality of live music and community. Come down to the river punks and get your greasy hair baptized.

Social Conflict: Interview by Jimmy Alvarado. Jimmy continues his research into East L.A. punk with local veteran and Social Conflict front man, Jesse Killings. Read about the merits of going to church to steal tapes and how tenacity is the single most important quality in a band. Retrace Jesse’s steps from his early lyrical efforts at fucking the system and into the dystopic landscape his song currently inhabit. This interview is as much a history lesson as a manifesto.

Rough Kids: Interview by Daryl and Matt Average. The Rough Kids are a criminally overlooked L.A. punk band, perhaps because they hit their audience with belts and steal their beer. Or maybe it’s because of the lack of good venues in Los Angeles. Maybe it’s because Ethan was in Brosky’s Revolt. Anyway, they’re a great band that seems hell-bent on producing some of the most fun and enthusiastically original punk around. Todd and George Rager make cameo appearances to ask for fashion advice. (bandcamp)

Monsieur Jeffery Evans: Ryan Leach talks with rock‘n’roll mammoth, Monsieur Jeffery Evans about growing up in Ohio, the Internet, and how it’d be nice if people were like dogs. Evans has been skillfully milking the great rockabilly cow of yore and churning out tastiest jams since his start in the mid-‘80s with The Gibson Bros, ’68 Comeback, CC Riders, and his current project Monsieur Jeffery Evans And His Southern Aces. Get learned.

Sean Carswell is translating Japanese and singing nonsense.

Jim Ruland explains his connection with the tragic events at Newtown.

Liz Prince illustrates Punk Anatomy 101.

Mitch Clem misses Minneapolis and admits to owning an iPod.

Designated Dale expounds on the value of bootlegs.

Rev. Nørb gives birth to a book.

Adrian Chi is a Canadian at heart.

Rhythm Chicken reaffirms his identity as a Chicken, not a rabbit.

Ben Snakepit is a dick.

Kiyoshi Nakazawa on the miracle of life.

Art Fuentes asks what the best pets in the world are.

Nardwuar The Human Serviette fights ghosts with Flying Lotus.

And rad photos from:

Shanty Cheryl

Dan Monick

Rachel Murray Framingheddu

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This issue is dedicated to the memory of Avielle Richman.

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