Razorcake Issue #72

Razorcake Issue #72 from 2013, featuring Eric Oblivian, The Nerves, Lemuria, White Night, Waka Flocka Flame

Feb 14, 2019

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Cover design by Amy Adoyzie (instagram)
Cover photo by Tiger Lily

Eric Oblivian: Interview by Ryan Leach. Ryan sits down with Goner Records founder/owner and Oblivians’ co-guitarist. The Oblivians are a recently reformed spastic two guitar, bassless Memphis rock band (rock in every true sense of the word) featuring Greg Cartwright of the Reigning Sound/Compulsive Gamblers and Jack Yarber of The Compulsive Gamblers. Eric also spent time in the Bad Times with Jay Reatard and currently keeps it real in True Sons of Thunder and Dutch Masters. Mr. Oblivian talks tech, tells tales of serendipity, and drinks whiskey on a BMX bike to go play pinball. Stop wasting time preparing your taxes: read this. (Goner, True Sons of Thunder, Dutch Masters)

The Nerves: Interview by Jeff Proctor. The Nerves are a criminally overlooked first-wave L.A. power pop band that helped pioneer the genre. They were only around for a short time but made it on to a tour with the Ramones in mid ‘70s. Peter Case went on to form the Plimsouls. Jeff gets Paul Collins to admit that he dropped out of Julliard after his mom helped get him in. Peter, Paul, and nobody named Mary tell us how exceptional their musical arrangements were and how they nearly received three almost-Grammy nominations. (Peter Case, Paul Collins)

Lemuria: Interview by Kevin Dunn. Contemporary indie pop punk band Lemuria go the way of the Buffalo and explain how they’re actually more productive when they live in different towns. Their debut album Get Better came out on Asian Man Records in 2008 and the follow up Pebble was released on Bridge 9 in 2011. In this semi-revealing interview they unravel their minds, their labels, and define happiness. (website)

White Night: Interview by Daryl Gussin and Todd Taylor. Fullerton fuckups or mistunderstood EBT shamans? Both. Fucking hilarious. Five dudes with stories for days. Hear about accidently licking Captain Kirk’s chair, the eye gouging horrors of a juvenile hall teacher, and writing “Doo doo” with peanut butter on a hotel wall. (facebook, bandcamp)

Sean Carswell becomes part of America’s educational elite. (website)

Jim Ruland
continues his walk from the last issue and reads the diary of a Lithuanian Nazi watcher. (instagram, website, twitter)

Liz Prince
gets disappointed at a Morrissey concert. (website, twitter)

Mitch Clem
can’t leave the house or stop playing with himself. (twitter)

Designated Dale
talks about disagreements and the majestic wonder of cats.

Rev. Nørb
goes to see the Rezillos. (website)

Rhythm Chicken
becomes the Milwaukee Brewers secondary mascot? (facebook)

Ben Snakepit picks a fight with the Razorcake staff. Daryl is pissed. (website)

Yumi Sakugawa
draws poetry in the static. (instagram)

Kiyoshi Nakazawa
describes my worst nightmare. (website)

Aphid Peewit
examines Fear’s questionable move into surrealist art.

Art Fuentes
will make you swoon. (instagram, twitter)

Nardwuar The Human Serviette
(instagram, twitter, facebook) talks barbeque and history with Waka Flocka Flame (instagram).

Adrian Chi
shows us her best shows of 2012.

And righteous photos from:

Shanty Cheryl (flickr)

Dan Monick (website, instagram)

Rachel Murray Framingheddu (website)

Matt Average (flickr)

4 lbs. of reviews stuffed into a 2.lb. bag!

This issue is dedicated to the birth of Milo. Scream, Milo, Scream!

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