Razorcake Issue #48 from 2009, featuring Shang-A-Lang, God Damn Doo Wop Band, It’s Casual, Horsebites, One Punk’s Guide to Otis Redding, and Obituary for Jamie Ewing, San Diego Chicken

Jan 02, 2017

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Interview by Daryl Gussin. Imagine if Bloodbath And Beyond and the Postal Service crossed paths in the desert, and became a catchy, lo-fi, super DIY poppy punk band. Seriously, just imagine it.

God Damn Doo Wop Band: Interview by Joe Evans III. They play modern, non-ironic doo wop/pop music. They also get kicked out of malls. They wear nice dresses. They silk screen band logos on said dresses.

It’s Casual: Interview by Matt Average and Donofthedead. They may be casual, but these guys treat metal with the utmost formality. (www.myspace.com/itscasual)

Interview by Reyan Ali. You’ve seen his artwork with bands like New Mexican Disaster Squad, as well as The Fest. Now read the rest of Richard Minino’s story.

One Punk’s Guide to Otis Redding: By Todd Taylor. This ain’t no trick, it’s a treat.

Obituary for Jamie Ewing: Some close friends share memories of someone who’s touched us all.

Liz O
would probably write more if she didn’t eat so much at Thanksgiving.

Jim Ruland
miraculously survived long enough to make New Years ’09 resolutions.

Maddy Tight Pants keeps her clothes on and talks about books.

Amy Adoyzie passed the test.

Ben Snakepit
isn’t the only one who takes Danzig seriously.

Sean Carswell
, a priest, and a rabbi all walk into a bar.

Art Fuentes
loves him some video games.

The Rhythm Chicken
gets drunk AND political.

Designated Dale
also gets political, just not drunk.

Kiyoshi Nakazawa reminds us that everyone poops—their pants.

interviews the Rhythm—um, make that the San Diego Chicken.

Rev. Nørb
just got a new phone.

Gary Hornberger
hates bad television, but loves comics.

And like always, a couple hundred reviews, all of which for D4’s Civil War.

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