Razorcake Issue #44 from 2008, Featuring The Potential Johns, Los Illegals (part II), Bear Proof Suit, Svartenbrandt, Statues, Jean Chrétien

Sep 29, 2016

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Cover art done by Lauren Measure, http://www.blackandredeye.com/

The Potential Johns: Interview by Todd Taylor. You know these guys – they’re that Marked Men side project – that’s been around for like, a lot longer then the Marked Men. Read this up, because by our calculations this will be about one of three interviews they do in the next ten years. (www.myspace.com/potentialjohns)

Los Illegals: Interview by Jimmy Alvarado. Part two. Classic East L.A. punk rock – the exciting conclusion. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Los_Illegals)

Bear Proof Suit: Interview by Kevin DeBroux. Cryogenically frozen in 1983, Bear Proof Suit have returned with fucked up, guitar-solo-plentiful hardcore. Wait, scratch that, turns out Milwaukee has really cold winters. (www.myspace.com/bearproofsuit)

Interview by Arlen Jones and Daryl Gussin. Named after the Swedish bank robber, the only thing these dudes are going to steal is your time – when you listen to those fucking killer riffs. (www.myspace.com/cardiacarrest)

Statues: Interview by Dave Williams. Not quite power pop, but their own kind of office punk. Badass! Dunder Mifflin-core! Oh, not that Office. Still badass. (www.myspace.com/statues)

Liz O
is a total nerd.

Jim Ruland
goes bowling.

Maddy Tight Pants is obsessed with religion lately.

Amy Adoyzie has apparently been lying to us up until now.

Ben Snakepit
draws another installment of “Cooking with Snakepit.”

Rev. Nørb
will stand by his country – but don’t you dare fuck with his ketchup.

Mitch Clem
draws Something Great!

The Rhythm Chicken
will never forget.

Designated Dale
just can’t admit that Bruce Willis is a national treasure.

Art Fuentes
has been traumatized.

Kiyoshi Nakazawa
tells the truth about smoking.

interviews Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien. Yeah, there’s just no joke there.

Sean Carswell puts a lot of thought into his relationships.

Gary Hornberger
talks cover bands and comics.

Go out, have a barbeque, sit back, and read reviews, ‘cause we’ve got a ton of ‘em.

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