Razorcake Issue #43 from 2008, Featuring Reigning Sound, Los Illegals, Edward Colver, Los Illegals, Bomp! Records, Weird Al

Sep 01, 2016

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Reigning Sound: Interview by Ryan Leach. We finally sit down and talk with Greg Cartwright about what it’s like to be in one of the most interesting part-garage-part-country-part-rock’n’roll bands around, not to mention his older bands as well. Seriously, we never talked to him before? That’s fucked up. (www.myspace.com/reigningsoundfans)

Los Illegals: Interview by Jimmy Alvarado. Part one of two of the latest in our ongoing series of badass bands that pushed the limits of punk rock before you were born. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Los_Illegals)

Edward Colver: Interview by Todd Taylor and Tony Adolescent. You’ve seen his photography, now hear some stories from this legendary artist.

Bomp! Records:
Interview by Namella J. Kim and Todd Taylor. We’d make an oldies joke, but we’ll focus on the years of putting out great records instead. (http://www.bomp.com/)

Liz O
proves not all Republicans are total jerkoffs.

Jim Ruland
has a lot of thoughts about zoos.

Maddy Tight Pants is fascinated by Mormon underwear.

Amy Adoyzie went on tour.

Gary Hornberger
loves his goddamn mustache.

Designated Dale is a stand up citizen.

Mitch Clem
is a smooth talker.

The Rhythm Chicken
went to see the roller girls.

Rev. N
ørb went to see the roller—wait what the fuck?

Ben Snakepit
says the Fest fucking sucked this year.

Kiyoshi Nakazawa
draws the exciting conclusion to Cobra vs. Mongoose Forever.

was only kidding with Weird Al.

Sean Carswell
sounds like he’s got some fun friends.

Hey, spring time! More time to read this shit ton of reviews!

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