Razorcake Issue #42 from 2008, Featuring Tranzmitors, Hunchback, Wounded Lion, The Rebel Spell, Geykido Comet Records, U.S. Air Guitar Championships, Hillary Duff

Aug 25, 2016

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Tranzmitors: Interview by Chris Walter. Well dressed, poppy Canadian band? Of course they know Nardwuar! (www.myspace.com/thetranzmitors)

Hunchback: Interview by Joe Evans III. They write songs that are both eerie and rockin’, and wear dresses. They can be both as scary and as pretty as they want to be. (www.myspace.com/hunchback)

Wounded Lion: Interview by Ryan Leach. Art rock that’s still fun. It’s a shame they kicked out the George Forman grill-player though. (www.myspace.com/wlion)

Geykido Comet Records: Interview by Joe Evans III. Finally, a label that produces records andbabies that are more bad ass than you are. (www.gcrecords.com)

The Rebel Spell: Interview by Allan MacInnis. We’d call them political punk revival, but that’s saying that shit went away in the first place. (therebelspell.com)

U.S.Air Guitar Championships: Article by Joe Evans III. Joe goes to watch an air guitar competition. (http://usairguitar.com)

Liz O: Mmm burritos!

Jim Ruland digs Kerouac.

Maddy Tight Pants analyzes the punk-ness of grunge.

Amy Adoyzie should remember to wear a helmet when going bike riding.

Ben Snakepit remembers Lance Hahn.

Gary Hornberger references funny movies and assorted comics.

Mitch Clem just created an analog version of the internet.

The Rhythm Chicken’s column has heart and a motorcycle to the groin.

Designated Dale also loves Motörhead. Okay, two bands.

ArtFuentes is a believer when it comes to luchador wrestling.

Kiyoshi Nakazawa continues “Cobra vs. Mongoose Forever” (Ultraman!).

Rev. Nørbhas a European vacation (that’s actually entertaining).

Sean Carswell is ready for some football (while talking about genocide).

Nardwuar gives Hillary Duff a new calendar.

Yeah, and there’s reviews. No shit.

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