Razorcake Issue #41 from 2007, Featuring Future Virgins, Gang Green, Electric Kisses, Arena Rock Vs. Prog Rock, How To Fight For A Skatepark, AFI

Aug 18, 2016

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Future Virgins:
Interview by Buddah and Todd Taylor. Dudes that travel from far (well, at least one of them does) to create some of the best DIY punk out of the country, let alone the dirty south. (http://www.planitxsouth.com/)

Arena Rock Vs. Prog Rock: Article by Mike Faloon. A scientific examination and comparison which boils down to one word: TARKUS!

How To Fight For A Skatepark: Article by Todd Taylor. It’s pretty self-explanatory, don’t you think?

Christian Parenti: Interview by Ryan Leach. For once we feature an interview where “getting bombed” isn’t just part of some funny anecdote. (www.christianparenti.com)

Electric Kisses: Interview by Gunther 8544. Straight-forward Ramones/AC/DC-style rock music. Simple as that. Literally. (www.myspace.com/theelectrickisses)

Gang Green: Interview by Sean Koepenick. They never went away; they’ve just been busy. With drinking. Because that’s never happened before. (www.myspace.com/ganggreenhxc)

Liz O sneaks around Coachella.

Jim Ruland thinks about his music teacher.

Maddy Tight Pants goes back to school.

Amy Adoyzie is old.

Ben Snakepit prepares for The Fest.

Gary Hornberger loves punk rock and comics.

Mitch Clem must really love pie.

The Rhythm Chicken must really hate satellite radio.

Designated Dale must still love The Ramones.

Art reflects on Halloween costumes.

Kiyoshi Nakazawa continues “Cobra vs. Mongoose Forever” (part two of four).

Nardwuar talks to AFI about how babies aren’t always cute.

Sean Carswell should probably focus on the road a bit more while riding his bike.

Yeah, and there’s reviews. No shit.

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