Razorcake Issue #40 from 2007, Featuring Dan Padilla, DOA, The Manges, Black Time, Love Me Nots, Live Slow, Die Old, Lilly Allen

Aug 04, 2016

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Dan Padilla:
Interview by Todd Taylor. They aren’t actually Tiltwheel. They aren’t actually a dude. They are still actually great, smart, gruff punk band. Somewhat ironically, they aren’t actually on Burrito Records. (www.myspace.com/danpadilla)

Live Slow, Die Old: Article by Jennifer Whiteford. Jennifer looks into the connection between punk rock, and good exercise, talking to members of Paint It Black, The Unlovables, and The Smugglers.

The Manges: Interview by Susan Chung. Italy’s premier Ramones tribute band musically, and Egghead tribute band visually. (www.myspace.com/themanges)

Black Time: Interview by Mor Fleischer and Ryan Leach. Weird! Dark! Arty! Somewhat rockabilly inspired punk rock! They know how to play their instruments! (www.myspace.com/blacktimemutant77)

Love Me Nots: Interview by Kat Jetson. Super awesome, vintage style surf and garage rock. We’re not sure if it would be tougher to replace that Farfisa, or their outfits. Hiyo! (www.myspace.com/luvmenots)

DOA: Interview by Allan MacInnis. Does a band count as “classic” if they’re still going as strong now when they started years ago? (www.myspace.com/doapunk)

Liz O talks about Week in Review (Up yours, VH1).

Jim Ruland goes on a trip. And possibly spelunking.

Maddy Tight Pants tells when not to start a zine (yeah, now she tells us…).

Amy Adoyzie is livin’ in America.

Ben Snakepit draws his retirement speech.

Rev. Nørb got a nice new jukebox for his birthday.

Mitch Clem reveals the future of punk rock.

The Rhythm Chicken loves a parade.

Designated Dale probably has some interesting eBay feedback.

Art finishes drawing his summer vacations.

Kiyoshi Nakazawa begins “Cobra vs. Mongoose Forever” (part one of four).

Nardwuar talks to Lilly Allen about wigs, The Slits, and burgers.

Sean Carswell doesn’t like being bothered when he’s playing pool.

And somehow, we’ve managed to stumble upon a whole bunch of reviews.

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