Razorcake Donation Drive - Only Three Days Left

Dec 28, 2017

Razorcake Donation Drive 2017 - Only Three Days Left

DONATE HERE: http://goo.gl/SZMaIx

When you support Razorcake, you’re supporting so much more than just us. You’re supporting all the bands and zines who get reviewed and interviewed, all the photographers, illustrators, writers, podcasters, and poets who have an outlet for their work. Your support goes all the way to the rookie year punk who’s picking up a free copy because they think the cover looks cool.

To the rest of the world, this may look like nothing; but we know.

-Todd Taylor

This year's gifts:
• $10 gets you two donation-only stickers designed by Keith Rosson

• $25, a one-time only Razorcake bandana, also designed by Keith

• $50, a donation-only T-shirt, econo subscription, stickers, and bandana

• $75, sponsor a podcast. We’ll say whatever you want us to say at the beginning of a podcast as long as it’s not mean or shitty. Promote your band, label, or give a shout out to your dog. Your call!

• $100, PUNK BOX, econo subscription, stickers, and bandana

• $150, sponsor a space to receive 25 copies of the next year’s worth of issues, plus get the sticker and bandana. This level has the greatest immediate effect in keeping Razorcake healthy. Get the stickers and bandana too!

• $1,000, sponsor an issue, plus get the stickers and bandana

Don’t want your gift or subscription? We’ll mail it to whomever you wish. You may also opt to out of receiving any gift. Just let us know.



• Send a donation through our site: https://www.razorcake.org/donate

• Send a donation directly through paypal. Our address is [email protected], or go here: http://goo.gl/SZMaIx

• Send a donation check or money order to:
Razorcake, PO Box 42129, LA, CA 90042


Video credits: Jason Willis | http://jasonwillis.com

Illustrations: Keith Rosson | http://www.keithrosson.com